beam yourself wherever you want to

it's never been easier to beam yourself in a background of your choice. Use gadbooth for a simple greenscreen effect without using a greenscreen.

gadbooth works on:

Breeze Sys DSLR Photobooth Software
DSLR Booth Photobooth Software
Fotomaster MirrorMe Photobooth Software
Social Booth Photobooth Software


How is it possible to get the greenscreen effect without using a greenscreen? Check our FAQs for any questions.


gadbooth - the elegant way of
photobooth beaming

Did you ever wish you weren't dependent on greenscreen backgrounds, which never look elegant in any setup? Now's your time to shine! gadbooth makes removing backgrounds possible without using a greenscreen.


what's special about gadbooth?

Photobooth Software compatible 

gadbooth is made for your photobooth and fits to many photobooth softwares. Check the FAQs to see if your photobooth software is supported.

Removing Backgrounds in msecs

Use gadbooth with many photobooth software and remove the background of the photos in milliseconds, fully automatic.

Easy to Use

Just register and get the package of your choice. Easy installation and immediately usable. 


Get the support you need in our team and be flexible with the plan you choose.